Ethnic Tibetan Dorje Lariat #435
Ethnic Tibetan Dorje Lariat #434Ethnic Tibetan Dorje Lariat #435Ethnic Tibetan Dorje Lariat #435Ethnic Tibetan Dorje Lariat #435

Ethnic Tibetan Dorje Lariat / Necklace


Exclusive to our Ethnic Line, this Tibetan lariat can be worn many different ways: as a multi-length necklace, a belt, or even a multi-wrap bracelet. It’s hand-knotted with hematite and pyrite stones and dangles two brass Tibetan dorjes and handcrafted beads.

Product Description

Sacred Symbols Unique to this Piece:

  • Tibetan Dorje: The word Dorje symbolizes the ability to transform one’s experience into an experience of enlightened perspective. The dorje symbolizes wisdom and the skillful means of transforming our ordinary experience to one that will propel us forward on our spiritual path.

Gemstone Qualities Unique to this Piece:

  • Pyrite- A unique protector from negative energy, emotional attack and physical harm. It enhances will power and the ability to see behind facades to what is real. It is regarded as a stone of action, stimulating creativity, vitality and the will to tap into one’s abilities and potential. It brings confidence and the persistence to carry things through to completion. It enhances one’s ability to generate wealth.
  • Hematite- A grounding stone that balances the yin-yang energies. Hematite endows us with courage, willpower, confidence and vitality, while dissipating negative energy. Hematite stimulates mental concentration and focus, and helps one to overcome compulsions and addictions.

Additional Information

Sacred Symbol

Tibetan Dorje


Hematite, Pyrite


***All metal materials are Non-Toxic, Brass

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