Ethnic Tibetan Double Dorje #425
Ethnic Tibetan Double Dorje #425

Ethnic Tibetan Double Dorje Necklace


This necklace from our Ethnic Line features a stunning bronze Tibetan double dorje on a brass chain with two quartz crystals by the clasp.

Product Description

Sacred Symbols Unique to this Piece:

  • The Tibetan Double Dorje is known as the thunderbolt that cuts through illusion, destroys negativity, and brings balance and harmony to one’s life. It is used for protection.

Gemstones Unique to this Piece:

  • Quartz Crystal– Amplifies energies. Assists one in increasing the force of thought for sending and receiving energy. Provides for personal strength.

Additional Information


Tibetan Double Dorje


Quartz Crystal


Bronze, ***All metal materials are Non-Toxic, Brass


Approx. 16″

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