Ethnic Tibetan Tassel Necklace #432
Ethnic Tibetan Tassel Necklace #432Ethnic Tibetan Tassel Necklace #432Ethnic Tibetan Tassel Necklace #432

Ethnic Tibetan Tassel Necklace


This unique necklace features a large handcrafted Tibetan metal bead with inlaid Turquoise stones and metal chain tassels. It is adorned with a beautiful Herkimer diamond, Ganesh amulet, and Hamsa charm.

Product Description

Sacred Symbols Unique to this Piece:

  • Ganesh is known as the “remover of obstacles and the bringer of success.” Ganesh is honored before beginning any new journey, ritual or major undertaking.
  • Hamsa is known as the Hand of God. It is used for protection, and it brings forth happiness, health, and good fortune.

Gemstone Qualities Unique to the Piece:

  • Herkimer Diamond- is a doubly terminated stone (points on both ends) and is considered the most powerful of all the quartz crystals. They are exceptionally strong healing stones used in meditation as well as dream and vision work. The Herkimer diamond is known for its ability to clear electromagnetic pollution, radioactivity, and environmental stress.
  • Turquoise– Excellent stone for spiritual receptivity and awareness. A grounding stone that provides strength and protection.

Additional Information

Sacred Symbol

Ganesh, Hamsa


Turquoise, Herkimer Diamond


Approx. 24″


Non-Toxic Mixed Metals

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