Ganesh Rose Quartz Necklace #107
Ganesh Rose Quartz Necklace #107

Ganesh Rose Quartz Necklace


This piece is made with an assortment of beautiful, rich, colorful gemstones and pearls to give it it’s beautiful pink and  soft green colors. It features a carved rose quartz pendant of Ganesh.

Product Description

Sacred Symbols unique to this piece:

  • Our beloved Ganesh is known as the “remover of obstacles and the bringer of success.” Ganesha is honored before beginning any new journey, ritual or major undertaking.

Gemstone qualities unique to this piece:

  • Pearls– Calming to the mind and emotions. Enhances personal integrity.
  • Rhodochrosite– Creates emotional balance and assists one in increasing feelings of self-worth and self-esteem.
  • Rose Quartz– Promotes love and passion. Opens and balances the heart center. Harmonizes the mind. Beneficial for Pitta.
  • Serpentine– Enhances meditative qualities. Good for the emotional system. Clears the chakras.
  • Peruvian Opal– Aids in restoring harmony on all levels. Opens one to spontaneity of action and decisions.
  • Tiger Eye– Promotes calm and clarity. Evokes brightness and optimism.

Additional Information


Sterling Silver, Freshwater Pearls


Rhodochrosite, Rose Quartz, Serpentine, Tiger Eye, Pink Peruvian Opal


Approx. 16″


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