Jade and Carved Kuan Yin 108 Mala #392
Jade and Carved Kuan Yin 108 Mala #392mala 392

Jade and Carved Kuan Yin 108 Mala


This 108 bead mala is made with green jade, quartz crystal, and Bodhi tree nuts. It features a beautifully carved wood Kuan Yin, and dangles a long elegant tassel.

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Product Description

Sacred Symbols unique to this piece:

  • 108 Bead Mala: Ancient meditation tools created thousands of years ago by saints, sages and rishis.  They are used to recite mantras that quiet and focus the mind. As we become calm and centered, we naturally radiate peace and calm to those around us. Traditionally, malas consist of 108 beads and a Guru bead at the very end by the tassel.  The number 108 has special significance in geometry, and is regarded as sacred in many religious traditions throughout history. The Guru bead contains the spiritual energy of all the mantras.
  • Kuan Yin:  Highly revered in the Chinese scriptures. She is the “Mother of Compassion,” and brings forth fulfillment, wisdom and mercy.

Gemstone Qualities unique to this piece:

  •  Jade– (yellow & green) Generates divine unconditional love. Assists one in being in touch with one’s desires. Helps in building the bridge to create dreams into reality.
  • Smokey Quartz– A “stone of cooperation.” Stimulates the unification of energies directed toward the same goal. Grounding stone.

Additional Information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4 x 2 x 1 in

Bodhi Tree Nuts, Carved Wood


Jade, Smokey Quartz


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