Rose Quartz Multi-Use Bracelet or Necklace #536
Layered Look #536Rose Quartz Multi-Use Bracelet or Necklace #536Rose Quartz Multi-Use Bracelet or Necklace #536

Rose Quartz Multi-Use Bracelet or Necklace


Change it up and get creative with this multi-use piece!  Wear it either as a 5x wrap bracelet or a versatile necklace. The choice is yours.

This beautiful piece is made with lovely rose quartz crystals. It’s adorned with little Om and Ganesh charms for the perfect sacred touch.

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Product Description

Sacred Symbols unique to this piece:

  • Om is the cosmic sound vibrating through all things, uniting them in oneness. Chanting Om brings tranquility and peace to the mind.
  • Our beloved Ganesh is known as the “remover of obstacles and the bringer of success.” Ganesha is honored before beginning any new journey, ritual or major undertaking.

Gemstone Qualities unique to this piece:

  •  Rose Quartz– Promotes love and passion. Opens and balances the heart center. Harmonizes the mind. Beneficial for the Pitta Dosha.
  • Quartz Crystal– Amplifies energies. Assists one in increasing the force of thought for sending and receiving energy. Provides for personal strength.

Additional Information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 x 3 x 1 in

Austrian Crystals, Sterling Silver


Quartz Crystal, Rose Quartz


Necklace: 26″, Bracelet: 5x wrap


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