Tibetan Quartz Crystal Point Necklace #433
Tibetan Quartz Crystal Point Necklace #433Tibetan Quartz Crystal Point Necklace #433

Tibetan Quartz Crystal Point Necklace


This beautifully unique necklace dangles a Tibetan handcrafted quartz crystal point from a sacred spiral bead. It’s designed with black tourmaline gemstones and a bronze Tibetan double dorje. It dangles Tree of Life, Om, and Hamsa charms.

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Product Description

Sacred Symbols Unique to this Piece:

  • The Tibetan Double Dorje is known as the thunderbolt that cuts through illusion, destroys negativity, and brings balance and harmony to one’s life. It is used for protection.
  • Hamsa is known as the Hand of God. It is used for protection, and it brings forth happiness, health, and good fortune.
  • Tree of Life: Throughout mythology, the Tree of Life is a powerful symbol that promotes immortality and fertility.  The Tree of Life is most commonly recognized today as representing wisdom, strength, and beauty amongst it’s branches.
  • Om is the cosmic sound vibrating through all things, uniting them in oneness. Chanting Om brings tranquility and peace to the mind.

Gemstone Qualities Unique to this Piece:

  • Quartz Crystal– Amplifies energies. Assists one in increasing the force of thought for sending and receiving energy. Provides for personal strength.
  • Black Tourmaline- A strong, spiritually grounding stone that is believed to be the best stone for protection against negative energy of all kinds. It also encourages positive attitudes, good luck, and an ability to find happiness regardless of the circumstances that you find yourself in.

Additional Information

Sacred Symbol

Tibetan Double Dorje, Hamsa, Om, Tree of Life


Quartz Crystal, Black Tourmaline


Approx. 26″


Sterling Silver, Non-Toxic Mixed Metals

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