SKU 905
SKU 905SKU 905

Turquoise Heart and Gemstone Necklace


Share the Love this Valentines Day with this beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece that won’t last long!

Product Description

Sacred Symbols Unique to this Piece:

  • Om is the cosmic sound vibrating through all things, uniting them in oneness. Chanting Om brings tranquility and peace to the mind.
  • Peace – to live in a state of acceptance and celebration of our differences, never in fear of what we don’t know or understand.
  • Love – the universal language of our hearts.

Gemstone Qualities Unique to this Piece:

  • Turquoise– Excellent stone for spiritual receptivity and awareness. A grounding stone that provides strength and protection.
  • Howlite– Facilitates awareness and encourages emotional expression. Helps relieve pain and stress. Strengthens reasoning and patience.
  • Amethyst– Calms the mind. Lends strength and willpower to control undesirable habits. Known as the stone of spirituality, raising one’s vibration. Good for Pittas.
  • Angelite- A stone for raising conscious awareness. Used to verbalize and communicate love and light to the world.
  • Amazonite– Assists one in expressing completely and with love on all matters. Strengthens the ability to bring order out of chaos. Known as healer of the heart.
  • Aventurine– Supports one’s ability to honor and trust one’s decisions. Helps to relieve anxiety and fear. Enhances creativity. Balances male/female energies.
  • Malachite– Assists one in accepting and allowing for one’s shortcomings. Assists in clearing and activating all the chakras.

Additional Information


22k Gold Plate, Non-tarnishing Rhodium


Approx. 16″


Amethyst, Aventurine, Malachite, Turquoise, Amazonite, Angelite, Howlite

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